The process of getting photos done. 
I would often get an email from a client or prospective client at the early stage of a project. Usually, it’s when they’ve already spoken to a Web Designer who has told them they might need to update their photos to really freshen up their site.  

At this stage it’s much easier to communicate by phone and get a feel for a better idea. A 15 minute phone call allows me to listen to the client’s needs long term and short term and build some rapport with them. It’s easier to advise in a phone call what sort of locations they would like to use – what sort of timeline they might have – how do they want to approach staff photography and what level of input their Web Designer might have. Maybe they want to create a library of images that their social media manager can use going forward. Once a mutual understanding is reached on the client’s needs and expectations, I can advise them further and give them an idea of costings. I always suggest going for a well detailed brief.  This becomes either a wish list or a shot list. I let the client know how long each shot will take and what they need to do at their end to resource each shot. I will advise them on what they might to do to cut down on Photoshop – for example getting staff uniforms cleaned and pressed – having locations tidied and prepped and any props which might come in handy and add value to their photos. This is usually something straightforward. 

The shoot 

Post production 

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