Established in 2000

John Jordan is a Dublin Based Commercial photographer with over 20 years experience.

Location, Studio and Portrait photography

My interest in photography started a long time ago, shooting and developing film and making prints in the darkroom as a teenager. This was the way of it for many years, making my own exhibition prints. Much of the work was submitted as a handmade print from the darkroom.  This has evolved into a commercial photography practice, spanning nineteen years, specialising in the areas of location, studio and portrait photography. Along the way as well as picking up a degree from Dun Laoghaire College of Fine Art, I have put in several years of training and working with some of Ireland’s best commercial photographers on a huge variety of shoots

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We deliver high quality, bespoke Photography for SME’s in the greater Dublin region and beyond.


Continue to grow great relationships with clients by creating well-crafted imagery.


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Part of the fun/excitement/thrill/satisfaction/challenge of working in commercial photography is that every job is different. But in a way every job is the same; every client is listened to, feedback is given, and the brief is thought out before photography commences. Budgets are agreed in advance – and adhered to. Its always best to work off a good brief. The tighter the brief, the better the fit!

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