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Add value to your property and business concern with high quality photography. Invest in professional location, exterior and interior photography in Dublin and Ireland.

Professional Location, Business and Property Photographer, Dublin

Location Photography

Every job is different, but they all require timing, patience and planning. With nearly two decades of experience, we photograph property, landscapes, exteriors and interiors all over Ireland. As a commercial photographer dealing with the weather requires patience; sometimes you have to use the elements as you find them – other times it is a matter of waiting and being ready. Like many aspects of commercial photography, with location shoots, it is always worth to taking some time for careful planning. This ensures smooth running before shooting commences and allows us to source whatever extra elements are needed in advance, if any, so that nothing is left to chance.  It also allows for pushing imagination and flexibility on the day. Lighting is sometimes required, and can be done to supplement existing ambient light or total location lighting ‘from the ground up’. Often it is just matter of using one or two lights to pick out an individual detail. That’s where our long experience as a professional location photographer in Dublin and all over Ireland and the UK comes into play. We carry a lighting rig big enough to fulfill most jobs.

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 Commercial Location Photography

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