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Enquire today about adding value to your product.  Professional lighting, composition and styling will bridge the gap between your creation and your customers. 

Professional Food, Studio Advertising Photographer, Dublin

Studio Photography

Studio Photography requires an understanding of the
parameters of what the best result will be, having an end vision before
you start. It also requires experimentation, patience, carefully
considered lighting and the ability to source and use props. Still life
is often done at a company’s premises or in a studio. It can involve
macro photography of tiny items of jewellery or up to large industrial
devices the size of a fridge or even a car, and in some cases can
involve people. it always involves skill, vision and patience.

Food Photography

Food photography can range from relatively casual for editorial and restaurants to completely elaborate set-ups for packaging and advertising. It can be done as part of hotel photography, where rooms and premises are photographed on the same shoot. As with Studio Photography it is always best to work with a detailed brief.

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Commercial photography

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