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Professional Commercial Photographers Ireland

I wonder how many commercial photographers in Ireland would get up at 4a.m. to shoot bintrucks? The company, Keywaste is growing steadily in Dublin and they needed some new imagery to enhance their web presence and identity. It all came together on the Samuel Beckett Bridge with the sun coming up, creating some beautiful skies. Who thought bin trucks could look so cool. The project was led by a design firm, and through liaising with the lead designer and the client, we arrived at a shortlist that I could work on over a number of weeks. There was some early starts and bracing odors along the way, and lots of improvisation. I was lighting bin-trucks with portable flash on the streets at 5 a.m. It was an eye opener into how Dublin city works when most people are asleep. From the drivers to the management, they were very professional in their approach to everything with a real dedication to detail.  All in all it was a lot of fun.

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