staff portrait by experienced commericial photographer dublin ireland

Experienced Commercial Photographer Dublin

Experienced Commercial Photographer in Dublin

First up, I really enjoyed working with these guys. All of them, from management to every level of staff were friendly and helpful throughout. They were looking for, as they said, ‘a friendly and experienced commercial photographer’ who would could cover Dublin and other locations and make everyone feel at home. After an initial consultation to highlight design, colours and the “feel” and tone of the shots, I did a recce to scope out the locations. The client drew up a wish list and I hammered out a shot list from there.

Client focused Shot list.

The shots were pre-planned and agreed upon in advance – so I was starting with an exact shortlist for each location. This way of working is always favourable, because it means I know what I am shooting next at every step of the way throughout the day. It also means that the client is getting exactly what they want – real value for their investment. Tight briefs make for a better fit!

Although many of the images were photographed deep inside the confines of very large complex buildings, I shot some of the material outdoors with remote external lighting. All shots had some degree of blended ambient lighting, and supplementary “fill-in” lighting.

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