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Advertising and Studio Photographer Dublin

Advertising & Studio photographer based in Dublin Ireland:

This is a selection of advertising photography shots done in the Dublin studio. Some I photographed as part of my portfolio and some are commercial shots.  I shot the Nike football boots in their box as a portfolio piece and I used three lights with snoots and barn doors to get those narrow, pointed beams that highlight the exact areas that I wanted to create that almost glowing effect. Also it means the light on the box falls away right outside the main area of interest. I used a relatively short depth-of-field and later used photoshop to soften the edges, to bring your eye back into the middle of the shot. I love to do studio photography as you get to control exactly where the light falls on your subject and I can be creative.

Studio Lighting

The corkscrew shot is pretty abstract and is done using a diffuse material screen with two backlights fitted with ‘barndoor’ adapters to channel the light. Both were then diffused with a trace scrim. Some gels were then added for drama and contrast/colour.  Having done the set-up I did some polaroid tests to get the effect I wanted and then shot it on film with a Hassleblad with a 150mm lens and macro adaptors. It was done using a combination of tungsten and flash light.
The little frog in a test tube was done very simply, on location using a Hassleblad film camera with available light, and a few reflectors. Its all about the dept of field. I shot this for The Conway Institute in UCD

Macro Photography

The seahorse was photographed with a macro lens adaptor and using a opaque surface set on glass, with one soft light coming through the background and one light illuminating the actual item. A very simple setup, with no fancy photoshop tricks, the lighting setup allows the seahorse to become transparent.

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