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Event Photographer Dublin

Event Photographer Dublin

I’ve created this post to show a small and general sample of what an event photographer Dublin might cover during the course of a gig.

This covers event photography done in the Dublin Docklands and Dublin city centre and often involves grabbing a few shots of the Dublin skyline as well. The work involves having a good sense of timing, sensing the flow of conversations between people and getting close to speechmakers. It helps to have an ability to capture the interaction between people – you also need to be good at organising groups and knowing when to get out of the way or stop taking too many pictures.

Event photography usually involves a quick turn around and getting the images out to the client soon after the job. Also, event photography usually involves following the flow of an event or meeting which means just using ambient light or flash on camera. It’s helpful to have an eye for a good picture at the editing stage in order to pick out the best images.

I also cover events in County Kildare,  Louth and Meath.

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