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Headshots / staff portraits for LinkedIn profile


Did some headshots for recruitment agency PRC on location in Dublin city centre a while back. As with every portrait the main objective was to get the people looking comfortable and relaxed and respond quickly and positively when they gained a good pose. I used a combination of available daylight on the right hand side with fill-in flash and a Lastolite reflector clamped to a portable stand to soften the shadows on the other side of the face. The camera equipment was a Canon 5d11 with a prime 85mm lens. Due to the space restrictions of the room I shot with the lens at f5.6 – just enough to keep the faces of the subject in focus while keeping the background from becoming sharp. The headshots were to be used for LinkedIn profile and social media, so it was best to keep a plain, clear background. Processing was done in Adobe Lightroom with a custom profile created particularly for this job. Local enhancements were done in Photoshop also.


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