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Jaime Nanci Barron-Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography

Its hard to beat doing portrait photography in a interesting location with a good subject. Jaime Nanci Barron’s repertoire has reached a point where it would be ludicrous for him and his band not to lay down some tracks and get it out there to a wider audience. The album is called TOY and its released on Friday the 10th of October. Here’s a little sample. I’ve been meaning to do this portrait for a while, and finally a day emerged when both myself and Jaime had some free time. It was mostly a two light setup, using Bowens Monoblocs and several different diffusers. I used an fixed 85mm lens which is always great for doing portrait photography.

Danny Hughes of Blackrock

It was a great opportunity to hook up with this seriously talented voice and use the vintage room in Danny Hughes of Blackrock, Co. Louth aka Beat it Music. I know enough about guitars to realise that hidden away in this little space is an incredible collection of  Gibsons, Fenders, Rickenbackers, even a few Gretch’s. Beautiful stuff. The proverbial sweetshop for musicians. A big thanks to Dan and Conor for their help and hospitality on the day.

From the album sleeve notes…

“A collection of storysongs that borrows musical threads from the past and weaves them on a loom of contemporary cool. The songs avoid confessional cliché and instead sound like the lost pages of a film noir script populated by beautiful losers, gun slingers and after hours dancing marionettes. Jaime’s vocals move with ease from smoke curled B movie diva to 70’s glitter ball gigolo by way of New Wave’s lipstick traces. An instrument of silk and steel. Like Waits and Mc Gowan before him, he has that knack of writing fresh songs that seem to have forever haunted the cannon of song. In TOY he has taken something old, something new, something borrowed ‘n blue and created something seductively unique.”
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