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Professional Photography of Irish Locations

Professional Photography

A selection from a professional photography job that I did for a Northern Irish company based in Larne, Co. Antrim which supplies render adhesive to the building trade. It involved travelling all over Ireland over a period of a week. It was mostly exterior shots but there were a few interiors as well. Mostly it was a question of careful planning and early starts and watching the weather carefully. There were a couple of days that started woefully wet, but the clouds always parted to allow me to shoot.

All shots were done using a wide angle lense and tripod, with some fill-in flash occasionally. There was a little bit of barrel distortion to be corrected in Adobe Lightroom, but mostly it was a matter of just getting a good angle, keeping the verticals straight and showing the depth of the buildings and some background environment. All in all it was a pretty straightforward  job as the the weather stayed good for most of it. Another professional photography job delivered on-time and on-budget to a very happy client.

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